Tube Bending Machine

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Product Details:
  • 3-in-1 Tube Bending Tool: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8
  • 3-in-1 Tube Bending Tool: 1/4-in, 5/16-in, 3/8-in
$ 22.82

P311-315D871    MMTL-TBT  Mishimoto  New

This product is not application specific

This is a general purpose item, or a universal product, or requires additional fitment checks for your vehicle, outside of year, make, and model.

  • Features:
    • Works with copper, brass, aluminum, and steel tubing
    • Creates perfectly smooth bends up to 180 degrees without distorting or crimping tube
    • Non-slip knurled grip handles
    • Angles and bends etch marked to provide clear identification and easy use
    • Durable cast aluminum construction
    • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • Install Difficulty: N/a
  • SellingPoint01: Works With Copper, Brass, Aluminum, And Steel Tubing
  • SellingPoint02: Creates Perfectly Smooth Bends Up To 180 Degrees Without Distorting Or Crimping Tube
  • SellingPoint03: Non-slip Knurled Grip Handles
  • SellingPoint04: Angles And Bends Etch Marked To Provide Clear Identification And Easy Use
  • SellingPoint05: Durable Cast Aluminum Construction
  • SellingPoint06: Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • SellingPoint07: N/a
  • SellingPoint08: N/a
  • SellingPoint09: N/a
  • SellingPoint10: N/a
  • SellingPoint11: N/a
  • SellingPoint12: N/a
  • SellingPoint13: N/a
  • SellingPoint14: N/a
  • SellingPoint15: N/a
  • TechSpec Applications: N/a
  • TechSpec Diameter (Inches): N/a
  • TechSpec Engine Codes: N/a
  • TechSpec Includes: (1) 3-in-1 Tube Bending Tool--mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • TechSpec Installation Notes: N/a
  • TechSpec Length (Inches): N/a
  • TechSpec Material: N/a
  • TechSpec Maximum Pressure (PSI): N/a
  • TechSpec Maximum Temperature (F): N/a
  • TechSpec Minimum Yield Strength: N/a
  • TechSpec Note: N/a
  • TechSpec Overall Height (Inches): N/a
  • TechSpec Thread Size: N/a
  • TechSpec Ultimate Tensile Strength: N/a
  • TechSpec Weight (Ounces): N/a
About Mishimoto
Whether you’re bending an emergency replacement brake line or putting together all new fuel lines ... Read More About This Tube Bending Machine

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products