Product Details:
  • -AN Line Cutting Shears
  • -AN Line Cutting Shears
$ 54.30

P311-4A99427    MMTL-HCUT-24  Mishimoto  New

This product is not application specific

This is a general purpose item, or a universal product, or requires additional fitment checks for your vehicle, outside of year, make, and model.

  • Features:
    • Specifically engineered for cutting stainless-steel braided -AN lines
    • Applicable for lines from -3AN up to -20AN
    • Provides clean cut of braided line for optimal seal within -AN fitting
    • 24" handle length provides ample leverage for ease of making cuts
    • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • Install Difficulty: N/a
  • SellingPoint01: Specifically Engineered For Cutting Stainless-steel Braided -an Lines
  • SellingPoint02: Applicable For Lines From -3an Up To -20an
  • SellingPoint03: Provides Clean Cut Of Braided Line For Optimal Seal Within -an Fitting
  • SellingPoint04: 24-in Handle Length Provides Ample Leverage For Ease Of Making Cuts
  • SellingPoint05: Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • SellingPoint06: N/a
  • SellingPoint07: N/a
  • SellingPoint08: N/a
  • SellingPoint09: N/a
  • SellingPoint10: N/a
  • SellingPoint11: N/a
  • SellingPoint12: N/a
  • SellingPoint13: N/a
  • SellingPoint14: N/a
  • SellingPoint15: N/a
  • TechSpec Applications: N/a
  • TechSpec Diameter (Inches): N/a
  • TechSpec Engine Codes: N/a
  • TechSpec Includes: (1) -an Line Cutting Shears--mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • TechSpec Installation Notes: N/a
  • TechSpec Length (Inches): 24
  • TechSpec Material: N/a
  • TechSpec Maximum Pressure (PSI): N/a
  • TechSpec Maximum Temperature (F): N/a
  • TechSpec Minimum Yield Strength: N/a
  • TechSpec Note: N/a
  • TechSpec Overall Height (Inches): N/a
  • TechSpec Thread Size: N/a
  • TechSpec Ultimate Tensile Strength: N/a
  • TechSpec Weight (Ounces): N/a
About Mishimoto
A clean cut is essential to ensure a proper seal between -AN lines and fittings. There are many meth ... Read More About This Metal Shears

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