Double Flaring Tool

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Product Details:
  • Double Flaring Tool Kit, SAE
  • Double Flaring Tool Kit, SAE
$ 31.62

P311-3F51B0B    MMTL-DFT  Mishimoto  New

This product is not application specific

This is a general purpose item, or a universal product, or requires additional fitment checks for your vehicle, outside of year, make, and model.

  • Features:
    • Everything you need to create precision 45 degree single or double flares for fuel lines, brake lines, transmission lines, etc.
    • Flare dies for 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8" line sizes
    • Precise tubing cutter for use on 1/8” to 1 1/8” size tubing
    • Tubing cutter features built-in reamer and storage for extra cutting blades
    • Heat-treated steel yoke provides maximum strength and longevity
    • Durable flaring bar provides superior grip with tubing when creating flare
    • Chrome-plated flaring bar swivels reduce friction during the torquing process
    • Durable carrying case with latches and handle provides orderly component organization and portability
    • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • Install Difficulty: N/a
  • SellingPoint01: Everything You Need To Create Precision 45 Degree Single Or Double Flares For Fuel Lines, Brake Lines, Transmission Lines, Etc.
  • SellingPoint02: Flare Dies For 3/16-in, 1/4-in, 5/16-in, 3/8-in, 7/16-in, 1/2-in, 5/8-in Line Sizes
  • SellingPoint03: Precise Tubing Cutter For Use On 1/8-in To 1 1/8-in Size Tubing
  • SellingPoint04: Tubing Cutter Features Built-in Reamer And Storage For Extra Cutting Blades
  • SellingPoint05: Heat-treated Steel Yoke Provides Maximum Strength And Longevity
  • SellingPoint06: Durable Flaring Bar Provides Superior Grip With Tubing When Creating Flare
  • SellingPoint07: Chrome-plated Flaring Bar Swivels Reduce Friction During The Torquing Process
  • SellingPoint08: Durable Carrying Case With Latches And Handle Provides Orderly Component Organization And Portability
  • SellingPoint09: Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • SellingPoint10: N/a
  • SellingPoint11: N/a
  • SellingPoint12: N/a
  • SellingPoint13: N/a
  • SellingPoint14: N/a
  • SellingPoint15: N/a
  • TechSpec Applications: N/a
  • TechSpec Diameter (Inches): N/a
  • TechSpec Engine Codes: N/a
  • TechSpec Includes: (1) Flaring Bar--(1) Flaring Yoke--(1) Tubing Cutter/reamer--(1) Tubing Cutter Replacement Blade--(1) 3/16 Flare Die--(1) 1/4 Flare Die--(1) 5/16 Flare Die--(1) 3/8 Flare Die--(1) 7/16 Flare Die--(1) 1/2 Flare Die--(1) 5/8 Flare Die--mishimoto Lifetime Wa
  • TechSpec Installation Notes: N/a
  • TechSpec Length (Inches): N/a
  • TechSpec Material: N/a
  • TechSpec Maximum Pressure (PSI): N/a
  • TechSpec Maximum Temperature (F): N/a
  • TechSpec Minimum Yield Strength: N/a
  • TechSpec Note: N/a
  • TechSpec Overall Height (Inches): N/a
  • TechSpec Thread Size: N/a
  • TechSpec Ultimate Tensile Strength: N/a
  • TechSpec Weight (Ounces): N/a
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Preparing metal lines for fitting ends and assembly can be a gratifying process when completed prope ... Read More About This Double Flaring Tool

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