Overland Vehicle Systems

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Overland Vehicle Systems is your go-to for all your off-roading needs. Our Recovery Ramps are your first line of defense when you're out on the trail! For us, it's all in the production, created with a durable nylon mixture that goes thru an injection process, that when cooled, can have the ramp take a load up to 10,000lbs.Each is easily formatted for optimal traction; our state-of-the-art designed spikes will help you get out of any situation. They also come with a water-resistant storage bag and nylon straps for easy transportation. These are the best on the market and up for any mud, snow, or sand-covered trail!<br />Features:Manufactured Nylon Injection processEngineered with a durable Nylon MixtureEasy to use tie down holesState of the art Spike designUV protected U Shape Design traction patternGrip Ground design makes the product more firm, more solid in ground gripping