Heatshield Products

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Don't let the heat of your engine make you sweat! You can reduce under hood temperatures by up to 4 percent, keeping you cool at the track or on the street with the easiest to install and longest lasting heatshield blanket available for your headers: Header Armor(TM) from Heatshield Products. The abrasion-resistant Header Armor cuts effortlessly with heavy-duty scissors, making it simple to wrap around the headers. Removal of the headers is not necessary for installation on many vehicles. HP Header Armor can withstand a continuous 1,8 degrees Fahrenheit with intermittent spikes of 2,2 degrees, and it lasts longer than other exhaust wraps. In addition to being abrasion-resistant, Header Armor has an aluminum layer that rejects chemicals. Because it does not completely wrap the entire header, it is compliant with most header manufacturers' warranties. Kits are available for single headers and a pair of headers, and all kits include a small spool of Inconel wire or Power Anchors(TM) to secure the Header Armor in place. Wrapping headers with a high-efficiency heat blanket keeps heat in the exhaust system, moving it out of the engine compartment. This lowers under hood temperatures, helping with overall engine cooling and transferring less heat to the passenger compartment through the firewall. Header Armor also results in hotter and faster-flowing exhaust gases that create a scavenging effect to pull intake gases through the system quicker. This lowers intake temperatures, resulting in more power. Fly low, fast and cool with Header Armor from Heatshield Products!